Alex & Alonzo

Have you ever been on the train or the bus and you notice him staring at you? Oh my God, did he just grab his dick? You know you wanna take it further, but fear holds you back. Just as you get up the courage to say or do something to let the brotha know you’re down, it’s your stop. You hope and pray he gets off with you, but the doors close behind you. Maybe you imagined the whole thing. But what if you didn’t imagine it? What if he got off the train with you? What if…?

Alex and Alonzo follows the adventures of two men who meet and fall in love and have mind-blowing sex with LOTS of very interesting people along the way. The overlapping short stories offer glimpses into a sexual world lurking just beneath the skin of our existence. It’s a world where a retired 4-star General runs an exclusive male whorehouse for the elite from his country home. A world where your domineering boss is the submissive sex slave of your dreams. A world where everything is possible and nothing is off-limits.

The first two stories, The First Night and The Anniversary, tell the story of how Alex and Alonzo meet and are available on Amazon.

The World of Alex and Alonzo

I'd been writing since I was in the 5th grade, but Alex and Alonzo was my first foray…