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President Trump and first lady Melania Trump paid their respects to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as a crowd booed and chanted "Vote him out."

All of the people who are surprised about Mitt Romney ... y'all remember this is the guy who put his dog on top of the car for a road trip, and said 47 percent of y'all are freeloading off the rich, right? Stop being surprised.

If we really want to make changes to the system, we have to vote in overwhelming numbers and make clear a demand for the abolition of the electoral college. That's the real problem, that the voice of the people is mitigated. It will not solve all our problems, but it's a start.

All our rights are on the line.

To protect them, everyday people must mobilize in unprecedented ways to keep the SCOTUS vacancy open & win back the White House + Senate.

Meanwhile, the House & Senate must consider using every procedural tool available to buy the country time.

Acyn Torabi@Acyn

AOC: Our reproductive rights are on the line. Our labor rights are on the line. Our right to healthcare is on the line. Labor and union protections are on the line. Our climate is on the line...

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