Ya Brista is Back!!!

This day has been a long time coming. When I took a break from ThaXXXList back in March 2015, I never thought it would be more than two years before I’d see you hoes again, but here we are. Ya Brista was tired of readin’ ThaKiddz and I had run out of steam for a minute, so I had to go away and have some new adventures. So let’s see, what was happening back then… Oh Yes

The last column I wrote was about Mo’Nique complaining about Hollywood and how she had been blackballed. Now I have been off having adventures and everything, so I am assuming that the kerfuffle was resolved and now Lee Daniels and Oprah are her best Judys. What else, what else…

If I recall, the press was abuzz that Hillary Clinton declaring for president. Now, like I said, I was off


having adventures, so I am going to assume that all worked out just fine and we are enjoying life under the first woman President of the United States. Hold on while I catch up on the past two years real quick…


Sweet heavenly jumped up Jesus on a biscuit with cream cheese and strawberry jelly! What the entire fuck man!!! I’m glad I came back when I did. So many hoes to read, so little time.

For readers of previous Dominion’s Opinions, fear not! Ya Brista is still here to call out foolishness and recount his various adventures in various holes around the world, but we live in a world where Donald Trump a Karamel Kolored Kunt is POTUS, white people continue to say are emboldened to say never stopped saying all the racist/sexist/homophobic shit they’ve been thinking, Tiger Woods is was and always will be Black, and worst of all,


CONVERSATE is some bullshit a muthafuckin’ word in the dictionary now! I have a duty to shine a light on this fuckery.

Side note, you like my new place? I was just renting that spot over at ThaXXXList (RIP). It was cute and all utilities were included, but nothing feels quite as good as buying a home in a neighborhood filled with Section 8 properties that you can turn into your own little piece of paradise as you watch the property values skyrocket. Anyhoo…

Ya Brista is back! Welcome (back) to the wonderful world of Dominion’s Opinions at Dominion’s Domain. Feel free to leave a comment below, and click the subscribe button be be notified of new content.

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