Dear Dominion

Hey Sistas, Mistas, and Othas!

It’s time dive into ThaXXXList’s Mailbag and see what’s what. This week, ThaKiddz asked Ya Brista (aka Mann Landers) some deep and incisive questions so without further ado…

Dear Dominion:

I’m a Leather Daddy who always gets approached by younger guys who want to be “trained”, or so they say. When I start telling them what’s required to be trained, here they come with a litany of what they won’t do. It used to be so much fun, playing with these young boys, but now, I am starting to be kind of over it. Not so much a question as a rant. – Displeased Detroit Daddy

Dear Displeased,amenBetteNothing gets my dick harder than a sexy young cutie that is eager to be turned out. They are usually fine with submission through nudity, but when I start talking about spanking and toys and electricity, they get the heebeegeebees. I blame the Interwebs!

Back in the day, we didn’t know shit, so everything seemed fun and exciting. You wanna play with Daddy’s toys? Sure! Can Daddy spank that phat ass? Of course! We couldn’t just google a term and find out everything we wanted to know and more, so we had to learn to trust our partners and our instincts. These days it’s different.

When I tell a kid I want to spank him,spankhe doesn’t have to look very far to find imagery online, and on first glance, this might look painful, based on the expression on the sub’s face. What he CAN’T see from this angle is the sub’s rock hard dick leaking all over the carpet, or his hole pulsing with excitement.

When I tell a kid I want to stretch his hole with my toys, I’m thinking about fingeringultimately leading tostretch01but all the kid can think about isstretch02Truthfully, I am thinking about that as well, but I know that such deep hole stretching is not the first stop, but a far off destination at the end of the journey that could take hours, months or may never happen. My point is that ThaKiddz are suffering from information overload when it comes to sex, and the most popular images tend to be the most extreme. They won’t remember the cutie lightly tickling his vibratorThey will only remember the other guy deeply massaging his kidneys and straightening out his colon.

My point is that despite having more access to information, ThaKiddz are less informed about alternative sexuality, so you have to be more patient with them. Don’t give up on them too soon. They will walk in full of confidence and swagger, but once you set them at ease, they will open up (literally) and you will be rewarded with the wide eyes that come with hitting a spot inside him that no man has ever touched.
Dear Dominion:
Would you date someone who is openly bisexual? – Curious in Columbus

laganjaIn Ya Brista’s experience, male bisexuality is nothing more than a convenient way station to gayness. It allows one to acknowledge one’s love for constant and deep longing for obsession with admiration of


whilst proclaiming their theoretical love of


Unfortunately, a significant fraction of these so-called bisexuals are rarely, if ever, seen with women. Nor do they ever talk about women, except in the context of some situation where the acknowledgement of full-on gayness would be problematic.

As for dating someone who is bisexual, I don’t care what or who you did before me, but when you are with Ya Brista, you will most assuredly be with another man and we will definitely be doing some gay shit. If it is something he constantly references during our relationship, I would consider that disrespectful. It’s like announcing that he knows the relationship is short-lived and is looking forward to the next piece of dick pussy whatever. To prove my point, I present to you Exhibit Gay…exhibitgayThis cutie is Chance Nalley, a Blatino Carrot Top Impersonator a Manhattan 7th grade Teacher who married his partner in 2009 and invited his students to attend the ceremony, most of whom came. Kudos to him and his students! At the time, at least, Mr. Nalley identified himself as bisexual.direwolfSir!!! You are marrying another dude. That is the EPITOME of gay shit! That would be like a man saying to his wife-to-be, “You know I’m still down to fuck other chicks, right?”reallykid-fury-girl-bye-gifWell, Kiddz, that’s all for this week. Tune in next time, when we will get back to our regularly scheduled gaggings!

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