The Art of the Catfish

Chile, ThaKiddz have been trying to catfish Ya Brista! These hoes got me fucked up, as the young people would say!

… So there I was on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, minding my own damn business, when I got a friend request from Sean Zevran, the Falcon Edge Exclusive model…seanzevran01seanzevran04

My heart fluttered and my loins tingled, because Sean Zevran could get it, but that is another story for another time. Anysnooch…

Given the recent interviews I’ve done with porn stars on the radio show, and all the activities for ONYX’s Blackout 19 <insert shameless plug here>blkoutplugs…it didn’t seem out of the ordinary that I would be friended by him. If you look at his page, it seems legit; it’s full of pic of Sean Zevran, although interestingly, no status updates.HmmThe first sign that something wasn’t right in the buttermilk came when he invited me to watch him do an underwear show online because he was nervous and needed support. He said that he was “freaking out!”SeanChat01SeanChat02Mkay…cs0h6When I pointed out this obvious fact, he seemed nonplused, but since I was at work anyway, ‘twas a moot point. Since then, he has been hitting me up, trying to get me to buy minutes to watch his show. Chile, I don’t even pay for porn like that, so why in the world would I pay to watch someone prance around in their underwear on a webcam?haveseatsIt’s not just porn stars, though. ThaKiddz are catfishing with stolen pics, too! Get into this…

A couple of months ago, I was notified that a person with the screen name “blkbarrister” had added me as a friend on Adam4Adam. Immediately, I was annoyed because I had had absolutely no conversation with this person, but I went to check him out anyway.blkbarrister02The dude was less than a mile away from me, which could be convenient under the right circumstances, but what really caught my attention was the pic he used. I actually laughed out loud because I was absolutely certain it was not him in the pic. This hoe tried to pass off a pic of one of my ONYX brothers as his own, and even worse, he used a pic THAT I TOOK! That pic was taken in 2010 on Haulover Beach in Miami, FL as part of a marketing campaign for an event we were having.

I wanted to be slick and see how far I could take it, but that seemed dangerous on my part. Any fool that will use another’s picture so brazenly is clearly desperate, and Ya Brista was not trying to get caught up in some poorly-written YouTube reality show foolishness. Instead, I just let his ass have it online, letting him know that I took the pic he was using as his profile pic and that it was fucked up what he was doing. Shortly thereafter, the profile was deleted.

Often the catfish is a much less extreme. Perhaps the trade lies about the size of his dick, or his waistline, but whatever it is, ultimately he is telling a lie that he has to know will ultimately be revealed as such. If you write in your profile, or otherwise hint that…tumblr_ln2u32IDcQ1qjtvq2o1_400… but show up looking like…avgdick…there is most likely gonna be trouble once the clothes come off. What is the person thinking? Did he think you wouldn’t notice the difference? Did “blkbarrister” think I wouldn’t notice that he didn’t look anything like the guy in the picture? Did “Sean Zevran” think I wouldn’t notice that his ass didn’t look ANYTHING like…BRlChdWCYAAjded

…that? It all made me wonder how ThaKiddz can possibly think this sort of deception could work. And then it hit me: it’s all you hoes’ fault.

Mr. “blkbarrister” is so shameless in his use of someone else’s pic because he has done it before, and instead of getting shut down, the date was so horny that he didn’t care, or didn’t know how to respond or whatever. Same goes for the average dick brotha. The date comes over so horny for dick that he doesn’t care, and if it worked the last time, it will work the next time! As for “Sean Zevran”, I’m sure you have to pay before you see anything so he can call himself whatever he wants. There will always be horny straight businessmen on a trip, who don’t know that a universe of gay porn is at their fingertips, who will pay for an underwear show from a cutie with an ass like this…seanzevran-mirror01seanzevran-mirror02seanzevran-mirror03seanzevran-mirror04

but I can handle MY OWN business, and I wasn’t born yesterday, so keep it moving Catfish. See, that’s why Ya Brista don’t fuck with seafood in the first damn place!

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