Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving! O, how I love thee! You capture everything that is America: a bunch of hoes coming together to make nice while kicking each other under the table, followed by an afternoon of watching a sport so homoerotic that patting each other on the ass is encouraged, capped off with running to buy shit we don’t need with money we don’t have for bitches we can’t take.

Since Ya Brista comes from a large family full of hoes he can’t take,color-purple-o

my sister and I always go out for dinner, which is why we are here at the fancy Olde Country Buffet on the good side of town. You know the one, where they still serve everything behind bulletproof glass, but they give you the good shiny silver plastic forks. Anyhoo…

Before we sit down to this meal, let us bow our heads…

Hail Mary,

Full of Grace

Send me a Man

To sit on my Facesitonmyface


Despite all the fuckery and foolishness that ensues when people connected only by genetics come together, this holiday is about giving thanks, so with a glad heart, I would like to give thanks…

…to poor decision-making.


Who among us hasn’t been videotaped sucking dick just days before our CD comes out? Seriously, gurl, you LOOKED INTO THE CAMERA! Now I get that we all have needs. Sometimes those needs include getting your tonsils bashed lovely to relieve the stress of living as a closeted Christian singer. Just try to be a little more careful when you choose the trade next time, or at least wear a mask or something!mask

…for angry bottomschris brown

It’s just something about a man with serious anger management issues that makes me wanna hem him up in a corner and


get romantic! Maybe I’m just a sick fuck who gets thrill from breaking arrogant little assholes. Or perhaps it’s just that crazy people fuck better. Exhibit A:

crazypplfuck (1)
crazypplfuck (3)
crazypplfuck (5)
crazypplfuck (2)
crazypplfuck (4)
crazypplfuck (6)

But most of all, Ya Brista is thankful for YOU!

Who knew I would have so much fun reading bitches for filth and circumstances? It has been a blast sharing my Cruel Observations with you.towongfoo brightest

Thank you for taking the ride with me. We have had fun over these past couple of months and we are just getting started! We have a whole holiday season to deal with, then the fuckery of Valentine’s Day, and the start of Pride season. Good times! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and hears hoping you get stuffed, just the way you like it! Oh yeah, and Congrats to my brother Top Dollar ONYX, Mr. DC Eagle 2014!topdollar

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