The Dramatics: The Birth, Life, and Death of a Secret Facebook Group

A reading from the Book of…shadebook

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a group of Kidz called The Dramatics. Blissfully unaware of their own irrelevance in the Grand Scheme of Things, the Dramatics lived in the Land of Facebook. Twas a vast and magical place where people could gain hundreds or even thousands of friends all over the world, merely by sharing the most intimate, the most spectacular, and unfortunately (and all too frequently), the most commonplace events in their lives.

The Dramatics thrived on Drama; they needed it to survive. Fortunately, Drama was to be found in abundance in the Land of Facebook! In fact, the more Dramatics there were in one place, the more likely Drama would be found there. One day, a Dramatic Kween decided the best way to maintain the Drama was to gather together with the other Dramatics in a place where they could keep the Drama going forever, and thus the Secret Facebook Group was born!

The very first thing The Dramatic Kween had to do was come up with a name for the group. It needed to be something tasteful, elegant, and yes, Dramatic. Suddenly, it came to her…



With the perfect name in place, The Dramatic Kween thought about what she really wanted the group to be. She wanted to avoid the Drama she had experienced in other groups, so with no sense of irony, she wrote the first and only rule of the group: No Facebook Drama. Poor Dramatic Kween, she wasn’t self-aware enough to see that what she really wanted was not so much a place that was totally free from Drama, but rather, a place free from OTHER PEOPLE’s Drama! She needed a place where her own Drama could run free and thrive! Then again, Dramatic Kweens are rarely known for their self-awareness or sense of irony.

The Dramatic Kween set about inviting all of her fellow Dramatics , other Dramatic Kweens, and even some of here non-Dramatic friends. In the beginning, it was good.niceplace

Everyone was posting pics and having a good time. Well, at least it was good to the non-Dramatics, who were only there…fellowship01

to get fucked for the Fellowship, but without any sort of good Drama, the Dramatics, and especially all the Dramatic Kweens, found it very boring. Drama is a peculiar creature, gentle readers. It can growth and thrive on validation, or the lack thereof, so when one Dramatic Kween posted a couple of pics of herself…


…and The Kids did not feature her, she went off in typical Dramatic style.tableflip

The non-Dramatics didn’t respond because again, they were only there for the…


dick and ass pics and videos and to meet trade Fellowship. Enter the only person capable of more Drama than The Dramatic Kween, The Dramatic Cunt.colorpurpleuglyalibi02

Unlike the Dramatic Kween, who merely lacks self-awareness and thus projects her emotional brokenness into the Land of Facebook, the Dramatic Cunt is mean and purposely sets out to hurt people by saying nasty things. Meanwhile, everyone else in the group is looking at this foolishness like…lawrenceaghastEnter Captain Save-A-Hoe! Honestly, the Captain could really give a shit about the Dramatics, but the Drama is keeping him from all the… Fellowship. So he calls The Dramatic Cunt out on his shit.


With her wig snatched and tail between his legs, The Dramatic Cunt leaves the group, and it is only a matter of time before the group is shut down when The Dramatic Cunt reports the group to Facebook. And this, gentle readers, is why Ya Brista does not fuck with most of these Secret Groups.theend

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