All I Want for Christmas: Dominion’s Christmas Wish List

When I was a child, there were three days on the calendar that I looked forward to every year without fail. There was my birthday, of course (March 26, for those who want to start saving now), then Christmas Day, then September 15. What’s so special about that day? It was when the Sears and JCPenney Christmas catalogs came out. I’d spend hours dog-earring pages and then finally, presenting a concise 12 page list of toys to my parents.

Well, kidz, you are in luck, because after combing the seediest corners of the internet, I present to you, Dominion’s Christmas Wish List.

I Wish Youwould stop bringing your straight girlfriend to a gay function!

At every party, there is always that one guy who brings his Straight Girlfriend, you know, the one who can’t hold her liquor. There I am making conversation with a cute young brotha in the corner. I can tell by his body language that he is into me…interested

…so I slide a little closer to let him know the feeling is most definitely mutual…frottage

…and just before I can seal the deal…gracejonesfuck

… your little drunk-ass girlfriend, who isn’t used to the magical concoction know as a Strong Ass Drink, chooses that moment to vomit. By the time it’s cleaned up and her ass is carted off home, my little cutie has been snapped up by another. Bring her ass the next time and you will find yourself banned by the Gay Mafia!gaymafiaI Wish You… would stop pretending the world doesn’t know!

Listen, Ya Brista understands that you might not want everyone to know your business. Yeah, they may all know you are a homosexual, but you might not want them to know that you are…


Well gurl, that’s not my problem. I am not going to dim my light, because you are afraid to let yours shine. When we go to brunch, we are going to talk about dicks and asses like we always do. I am not going to monitor my conversation because of the church mothers at the next table. And I am certainly not going to do it because there are children in the restaurant. It’s a goddamn ALL YOU CAN DRINK champagne buffet. They should have left the rugrats home in the first place.

Your internalized homophobia is something YOU need to deal with, not me. Besides, who the fuck do you think you are fooling anyway?judging

Lastly, and most importantly,

I Wish You… nothing but happiness this Holiday Season!

The holidays are upon us and at this Most Wonderful Time of the Year, I wish you nothing but the best. Ya Brista wishes you all the best.

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