Love on a Two-Way Street, or In Defense of Versatility

Despite previously expressed misgivings, Ya Brista belongs to quite a few secret Facebook groups filled with Dramatic Kweens. Of course, I am just there for thefellowship02fellowship, so I don’t pay much attention to the foolishness that goes on, but the other day someone who identified himself as a Top posted how he was down to be fucked on occasion. He said he liked being versatile, and called it The Best of Both Worlds. Several others commented in agreement. Enter the shit starter known as The Dramatic Cunt…bottomHe stated that there is no such thing as versatility, that any Top who liked to be penetrated was just a Bottom in Disguise and should get in line to get fucked. Several people in the group agreed and set about bottom shaming the original poster. Unsurprisingly, this provoked an angry and dramatic response from the poster, mamajoycefuckyouupall of which Ya Brista watched from afar.popcornYa Brista does not get involved in these online battles because there can never be a winner in these things, and things very quickly devolve from whatever the original point was into name-calling and character assassination. Moreover, the topics of the argument are typically inane, at best, and the participants aren’t exactly Rhodes Scholars, but don’t tell them that!thehelpsmartLuckily, Ya Brista has this forum to use as a bully pulpit, so, with that rather lengthy introduction out of the way, let’s get into it!

As a rule, Ya Brista is unbothered by whatever it is you like to do, as long as it doesn’t adversely affect my ability to get mine, which is one reason I did not participate in that Facebook commentary. The other reason is that the entire argument was bullshit. Living in a patriarchal, heterocentrist society that demeans the feminine in its many forms, any notion that a man might enjoy being penetrated is automatically looked down upon in some quarters. To hear some tell it, men are born to be a Top or a Bottom, as if there is some genetic basis for sexual role and they will quote pseudo-science (usually from their other dumbass friends) to back up their claims, but to quote Old Mr. Ruckus, “That’s why they shouldn’t let dumb bitches read.”

Now I get it, you call yourself a Top, but you often find yourself wondering what it would be like to be on the other end of the dick,otherend01otherend02to know what it feels like to have that most taboo of places on your body stretched and filled and pounded (and flooded) until your eyes roll back in your head with pleasure. Maybe you are afraid that you might like it a little too much and get sprung,sprungbut you can’t do it, because next thing you know, you’re a drag queen…drag02…because clearly that’s the next logical step! You can’t let your boys know, because they might try to hit it, now that they know you are down for it!

Well Ya Brista is here to tell you to get over it. Just because you like to be fucked on rare occasions like today or tomorrow doesn’t make you any less of a man! It may not even make you any less of a Top. It just makes you a man who in touch with another way to a lovely nut. It makes you VERSATILE, and that IS NOT a dirty word. The separations that some men enforce with an almost religious fervor are purely artificial, and more often than not, ego driven.

Those Bottoms who ridicule a versatile man have a degree of self-loathing about their own sexual practices that they project onto others. Those Tops who do the same have bought into the same heteronormative and sexist notions, which feed their ego as the allegedly superior member of a binary gay sexuality. They are Mother Superiors rapping the knuckles of anyone who would DARE to label themselves anything other than Strict Top or Strict Bottom. Luckily, that tide is changing.

In my strictly unscientific analysis of porn and Facebook posts, more and more men are becoming comfortable playing both sides of the fence. That is a good thing. Perhaps it is generational. Growing up as a ProtoGay, I don’t really even recall the concept of versatility being discussed. Certainly in the leather community, the concept of a Switch (same thing as versatile for the uninitiated) is frowned upon by some of the Elders in the community. You are either a Top or a Bottom, you spank or get spanked; there is no middle ground.

It would seem that ThaKiddz have gotten past that, which is a very good thing. I say go ahead, get yours, and let the haters fall back as you drift off into whatever kind of ecstasy floats your boat. By the way, now that I know you are versatile, Ya Brista will DEFINITELY try to hit that!

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